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*Webinar* Innovation and Adaptation in Climate Awareness, a New Approach

Discussion among leaders and elders regarding Climate Change is Here: The Movie!

Robert Lundahl’s Climate Change is Here: The Movie!

Film Screening of Robert Lundahl’s “Climate Change is Here: The Movie,” Discussion among luminaries, leaders and elders.

Issues related to climate and its impacts are explored from several different perspectives, Climate, Environment, Human Rights and Health.

Featuring Silicon Valley and International Business Luminaries John Gage, (Sun Microsystems/Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers), Scott Nisbet (ArionBio), and Jeff Hallowell (Biomass Controls).

Native American elders and leaders include Shl Vendiola of the Swinomish Tribe Protect Mother Earth Subcommittee, Tlingit Elder Patrick Anderson/CEO Alaska RurAL Cap, and Board Member Sealaska Corporation, plus Tribal Governance Administrator and CEO, John Howard Miller.

Noted Educators include Enrique Lanz Oca, Ph.D. and professors from CUNY/Hunter College and Pratt Institute, along with their students in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, Hunter College.

On the Non–Profit, NGO side is Mary Munk, leader and Executive Director, The Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans, and the Walter Munk Global Ocean Think Tank in La Jolla, California.

This constellation of Business, Tribal, Non–Profit, and Educational leadership offers a unique multi-dimensional perspective, and systems/solutions oriented overview of our Climate Crisis today.

Produced by and Copyright © Robert Lundahl and Agence RLA, LLC.



Film 01:00

Discussion 24:22

Climate Change is Here, the Movie

Climate Change is Here: The Movie.

The deadly coronavirus made its way to the United States even in the far reaches of Alaska we were advised by our United States government to stay home, stay safe

All of a sudden we were in isolation

Thanks to zoom technology offered for free hosts and media producers like myself were able to continue our work and conduct interviews and share content

While in isolation I started a podcast called Climate Change is Here

This film is a product of this important effort to make the world aware and engage them in this critical conversation about climate change and the real threat it is imposing on people, our environment and the health of both.

Race, Resource and Responsibility: Crisis on the Tundra

Environment and Heath in Alaska, Indicators and Influences.
Interview by Filmmaker, Journalist, Robert Lundahl.

Patrick Anderson (Tlingit), Thunderbird Clan, Attorney, Health Administrator and tribal manager discusses the Health of Alaska Natives in the era of Climate Change. Patrick most recently served as CEO of Alaska Rural Cap, and as a long term board member of Sealaska Corporation. Patrick’s focus is on Toxic Stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences (Aces), and intergenerational trauma.

There are intractable problems, knotted incapacities. Wrong silo, trapped by administrative regulations into a cage of inaction only an attorney could love, and probably not an environmental or a human rights attorney.

So the question becomes how to peel apart the layers, face the brutal abuse and colonial rampage that resides in the bloodstream of native populations as well as the toxic stress lying across and connecting cultures, native and non native alike, particular to Alaska.

You have joined us, on Nature’s Touch, Climate Change is Here. I’m your host, Robert Lundahl, Filmmaker and Journalist. Our topic today, government bureaucracy and neglect, the health of Alaska native peoples, in the face of climate change. Episode 10, Environment and Health in Alaska, Indicators and Influences.

With me today is Patrick Anderson, a health care and tribal administrator, with the Indian Health Service, the Makah Tribe, and his latest position, CEO of Alaska RurAL Cap.

Systems interactions between people, their food sources, climate, and the place that they live, can become overwhelming,

Good Bye Ross Dam

Filmmaker, Jourmalist, Robert Lundahl Interviews Michele (Shelly) Vendiola, Swinomish, about her work on the Protect Mother Earth Subcomittee, Swinomish Tribe. Shelly relays her professional history as a trained Peacemaker and Facilitator, and how explains these skillsets impact and benefit her work today. She connects her perspective, and that of her tribe and allies, such as the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and the NW Indian Fisheries Commission, the communities they serve together. in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change. Shelly explains relationship building and how that is motivated by traditional values

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The Bering Sea Report with Larry Merculieff–Pt. 2.

Zoom Interview with Ilarion Merculieff–Filmmaker Robert Lundahl.

Ilarion Merculieff tells stories from his Pribilof Island homeland of St. Paul and St. George Islands in the middle of the Bering Sea, 250 miles North of the Aleutians.

He expresses concerns about Arctic ecosystems generally, and in specific as related to multiple species of birds, marine mammals, and fish, including the Yukon River and it’s salmon.

He discusses TKW, Traditonal Knowledge and Wisdom, and the role it plays in resource management, and the structural thought process behind it as a science.