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June 11

Marine Park Forest Restoration (Brooklyn) – Greenbelt Society members joined the NYC Parks Dept to volunteer with the Stewardship Team to protect the forested areas in Marine Park!

June 4

Hiking in the Hudson Highlands – Join Greenbelt Society members on a hike on the Hudson.

April 29

Earth Day 2022 Conference (Virtual): “Invest in our Planet” – Greenbelt Society invites students to share their projects on Sustainability and more.

April 9

Walking Tour – Central Park to Grand Central Station – Prof. Enrique Lanz Oca leads a tour in New York City.

April 2

Department of Environmental Protection – Walking Tour/Clean up

March 26

Walking Tour – Newtown Creek (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) – Prof. Enrique Lanz Oca leads a tour in Brooklyn.


April 22

Earth Day 2021 Conference (Online): “Restore Our Earth” – Featuring speakers from organizations and academia in NYC to Washington state sharing their project initiatives on conservation and restoration.

March 23

Discussion (Online) Nature’s Touch: Climate Change is Here – Podcast Episode 1 – Join us for a viewing and discussion with filmmaker and journalist Robert Lundahl.


November (Broadcast/Podcast)

Greenbelt Society’s first broadcast/podcast series. Featuring an interview with Scott Ressler (Filmmaker/Producer) of Pristine Seas/National Geographic film – “The Last Ice” and many more.

July 30

Oceanic Global NYC Hub ~ Film Screening & Discussion (6:00pm – 8:00pm)

June 26

Hunter College and Greenbelt Society’s World Oceans Event

May 6

Discussion Forum with Prof. Ramiro Campos (Hunter College) – “Planet of the Humans” – A film by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs

April 22

Hunter College and Greenbelt Society’s Earth Day Event


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