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About Us

At the height of environmental awareness, in 1977 The Green Belt Movement was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner and Professor Wangari Maathai of Kenya. Her vision was to create a vehicle for change through education and action.

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We believe that education is fundamental in the conservation and preservation of our natural world and all the life support systems it provides. Our vision is to learn from and engage in environmental stewardship. We follow a bottom-top model, empowering those that want to have a voice and take actionable steps toward a shared interest in science education, environmentalism and sustainable development. We are dedicated to providing support for our members and their interests.


We are a diverse group of professionals, faculty, alumni and students affiliated with the Department of Geography and Environmental Science at Hunter College in NYC. Our mission is to provide a platform for members to actively participate in projects, events and other activities in environmental science and sustainable development. We seek to promote intellectual and professional development through discussion, interdisciplinary collaboration and external networks.

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