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Barcelona meets Queens

This Saturday, December 5, 2020 join members from our Blue Turtle (Urban Planning) team and The Compost Collective in a livestream event with the Espai QuirHort community of urban farmers in Barcelona, Spain demonstrating various initiatives in creating green spaces! Experience an exchange of project ideas, knowledge and building a global network around urban designContinue reading “Barcelona meets Queens”

Roundtable Event – Introduction to Podcast Series

Join us this coming Thursday November 19th for a roundtable event introducing our Podcast series! We will discuss various topics like ecological restoration projects, impacts of climate change on indigenous communities and much more. Guest speakers include Greenbelt Society members Dr. Enrique Lanz Oca, Howard Sprouse, Robert Lundahl, Robin Carneen-Edwards and more. Please click hereContinue reading “Roundtable Event – Introduction to Podcast Series”

See National Geographic’s The Last Ice trailer, watch our CUNY/Hunter Podcast with Producer Scott Ressler

As National Geographic’s senior producer, Scott Ressler is responsible for all of Pristine Seas’ production and leads the media team. He has filmed and produced documentaries for multiple Pristine Seas expeditions, in addition to creating policy videos and graphics spanning all of Pristine Seas’ interests. Ressler also produced and directed The Last Ice, Pristine Seas’Continue reading “See National Geographic’s The Last Ice trailer, watch our CUNY/Hunter Podcast with Producer Scott Ressler”

Unedited Podcast Resources: Climate Change is Here

Our Remote Podcasts offer relevant and insightful conversations around a variety of topics, from the science of Climate, to fighting fire with fire–the land management practices of indigenous cultures. We seek to identify new leadership voices, and extend the connections enjoyed through the Greenbelt Society to the larger CUNY/Hunter community, and to the public. Alaska’sContinue reading “Unedited Podcast Resources: Climate Change is Here”


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